Jenny Rowlands Paintings of Famous Feet
Fammous Shoes and Feeet Paintings By Jenn Rowlands
I paint - mainly canvases, but also murals and theatre work.. The abstract paintings are an enjoyment and exploration of the sensual delights of the colours that are around us, re-presented in an abstract format.

The painting technique bears an increasingly close relation to the marks I make when drawing – at long last, the two disciplines feel like one.

This work has been exhibited in Bath, Bristol and Cardiff, and the U.S.

The shoe paintings are both figurative and abstract for me – the overall strength of the design is of chief importance, but with the added bonus of being both a sort of still life and a portrait. Because the shoes I paint are well-used and lived-in, it’s possible to get a feel of the person who wears them – and if there is more than one pair in the picture, you can present a snapshot of their wearers’ relationship - husband and wife? friends or business partners? or a whole board of directors?

I trained as a fine artist and then studied theatre design with Percy Harris at English National Opera. I have worked for many years as a designer and scenic artist and teach at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff.

Dame Shirley Bassey
Dame Shirley Bassey

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