Jenny Rowlands Paintings of Famous Feet
other paintings by Jen the artist

The abstract spot paintings are an enjoyment and exploration of  colours - and  the dynamic of  colour combinations  - that are all around us.  Some colours are more mutually helpful to others, so that, for instance, it’s interesting to try to make an intense blue sing out – and it will sing louder against a gentle, muted version of orange – its companion colour – than against an equally loud orange.  These paintings aren’t provocative or challenging at all - they celebrate.

Murals are lovely to do because clients often want something fun  -  or beautiful.

Restaurant mural by Jen Rowlands

Jen Rowlands the artist
spot painting
spot painting 2
spot painting 3
spot painting 4
spot painting 5
spot painting 6
spot painting 7
spot painting 8
spot painting 9
Contact Details
02920 195350
Jen Rowlands
5 Paget Place
CF64 1DP
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